and I'm home is the third and final ending theme from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Lyrics Edit

Singer Color
Eri Kitamura Blue
Ai Nonaka Red
Both Both



寂しいような、 場所。




と 夢に落ちるの


さあ 笑って見つめ合うんだ。




Sabitsuita kokoro,
otomonai sekai, nani o miteruno?
Matane o ieru kao o sagasuyo
sore o kurikaesu dake

Kizukeba soko ni wa
hitorikiri de naku ushiro sugata

Tsurai youna,
sabishii youna, basho.

Te o tsunaide itainda

Nandome no kimochi darou
koko ni aru nukumori wa
Machigai demo kamawanai, soba ni iru koto
Namida no oto, tameiki no iro
ima, tashikameru genzaichi

Joudan mitai na mainichi
mitai, mitai, mirai

Tsuyogari no koe mo kasureta na,
to yume ni ochiru no
Kakaeta hiza, me o otosu to
sugu ni kuzurete shimai soude

Konomama, konomama
futarikiri kakekomu tooi deguchi,

mada, kitai shite iru no.
Saa waratte mitsume aunda.

Tanjun de mujaki na kao,
kushakusha no omoi daite
mayoikonda basho sae yasashi sugite

Nando demo namae o yobu yo
Futashika na mirai demo
hanasenai mono, omou dake kokoro ga itai yo
Koko ni iru yo
Koko ni iru yo
Kaeru basho wa koko da yo?

Itsudatte kawaranai
omoi o nokosu no.

With two hearts rusting together,
in a world without sound; what do you see?
I'm searching for the face who will say "see you again,"
I'll just be doing it over and over again.

If you would only notice that right there;
was a figure from behind crying all on its own.

It was a rough place,
and a lonely one,

but we joined our hands.

No matter how many times you feel that way,
there will always be warmth here.
Even if it was a mistake, I don't care, I'll always be by your side.
With the sound of tears and the colors of a sigh,
I'm sure this is where we are now.

A jestful everyday life;
I want to see it, I want to see it, that future.

When the bluff of false courage in my voice began to falter,
the dream began to end
Holding my knees,
when my vision fades, I know I'll quickly collapse.

If it stays like this, if it stays like this
the two of us will have to rush to the only furthest exit.

Even now I still have hope.
Now, let's smile and gaze at each other.

With a simple and innocent face,
let's embrace our disheveled feelings.
Even this place where we've lost ourselves feels so gentle.

I'll keep calling your name no matter how many times,
even if the future is uncertain.
It's hard to say goodbye, it hurts every time I think of you.
I'm right here.
I'm right here.
Please come back and be with me.

It won't ever change;
these emotions which have been left behind.

Videos Edit

This song does not have an official video.

Track List Edit

Music Collection Disc 1 Edit

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  24. and I'm home
  25. Connect -Game inst.-

Trivia Edit

  • and I'm home is considered to be Sayaka Miki's and Kyoko Sakura's theme.
  • The illustration paired with this theme appears as a single frame in Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 2: The Eternal Story.

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