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To see the Mitakihara in the series, see Mitakihara Town.

History Edit

Fake Mitakihara is the witch's labyrinth in which part of Puella Magi Makdoka Magica the Movie-Rebellion takes place. Because it is within a labyrinth, the girls fight nightmares instead of witches.

It was discovered to be fake when Homura and Kyoko tried to visit Kyoko's hometown, but the bus never took the correct turn, no matter how many times they rode.

At the end of the Rebellion movie, it was revealed that the labyrinth was created by Homura, or Homulilly, after being drove into madness by her love for Madoka. When her soul gem breaks, it is shown that the barrier expands outside of the town, and covers the whole universe.

Rebellion Mitakihara

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