Historical Magical Girls
Episode 11 Magical Girls


  • Trojan Magical Girl (maybe Kassandra of Troy)
  • Dakini Magical Girl
  • Savannah Magical Girl
  • Disney Magical Girl
  • Pompeian Magical Girl
  • Middle Eastern Magical Girl (maybe Sharbat Gula)
  • Jewish Magical Girl (maybe Anne Frank)
  • Japanese Magical Girl (Queen Himiko)
  • Egyptian Magical Girl (Cleopatra)
  • French Magical Girl (Jeanne d'Arc)

In Episodes 11 and 12 of the Madoka Magica series, several historical magical girls were shown. In Episode 11, Kyubey explains the history of magical girls, four of them being iconic historical figures. In Episode 12, multiple magical girls are saved from becoming witches by Madoka Kaname, now a Goddess, when she wishes to end all suffering. 

Historic Magical GirlsEdit

In Episode 11, four magical girls are shown.
  • The first girl shown is theorized to be Kassandra of Troy, though the scene flashes by without more hints other than her wearing a vaguely Grecian outfit and standing in a fortified area.
  • The second girl is theorized to be Cleopatra, as she's shown getting her arm bit by a snake.
  • The third girl is theorized to be Queen Himiko, as she seems to be a Japanese priestess of some kind.
  • The fourth is theorized to be Jeanne D'Arc, who is also featured in the spin-off series, Puella Magi Tart Magica.

In Episode 12, several more unnamed girls from all over the world are saved by Madoka's wish. More historical figures make appearances and reappearances in this episode, including magical girls theorized to be Kassandra of Troy, Sharbat Gula, Anne Frank, Cleopatra, Queen Himiko, and Jeanne D'Arc.