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Hitomi Shizuki
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Hitomi Shizuki

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Hitomi Shizuki is Madoka and Sayaka's friend and classmate. She is popular and is considered pretty among the class, receiving love letters frequently. She later confesses to being in love with Kyousuke Kamijou.

Appearance Edit

Hitomi Shizuki is a young girl with green hair and green eyes. She is seen wearing the default school uniform, with brown Mary Jane shoes and black knee socks. She has no

Hitomi Shizuki

magical girl form, due to not being associated with Kyubey or other magical girls. Her hair is slightly wavy, and about shoulder length.   

Plot story Edit

Hitomi is seen with Sayaka Miki and Madoka Kaname in the first episode while walking to school. In episode two, she misunderstands their relationship and runs away yelling "Girls can't love girls!"

In episode 4, Madoka spots her walking along with lots of other people, infected by a witch´s kiss. Madoka stops her and the others from creating a chemical reaction that would kill all of them.

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