Kyousuke Kamijo




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Hair Color

Ash brown

Eye color

Dark brown

"I can't move my fingers anymore. I can't even feel pain. My hand is worthless!"

Kyousuke Kamijo (上条 恭介 Kamijou Kyousuke?) is Sayaka Miki's childhood friend and a former violin prodigy. After an accident, he was unable to play the violin anymore due to his broken hand. While hospitalized, Sayaka brought him music to listen to, but after is yelled at because he was upset that he was no longer able to play the music he desired. Both Hitomi Shizuki and Sayaka have crushes on him.

In Episode 4, Sayaka wishes for Kamijo's broken hand to be repaired, later claiming that watching him play was the happiest moment of her life.

Later it is revealed that Hitomi confessed to him, with her feelings getting accepted.