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This page is a log of important actions Madoka makes throughout the series.

  • Meets Kyubey and Homura in a dream
  • Saves Kyubey from Homura
  • Meets Mami
  • Witnesses Mami killing Gertrud
  • Receives advice from Homura never to become a magical girl
  • Watches Mami die
  • Stops Hitomi from killing herself
  • Saved from a witch by, now magical girl, Sayaka
  • Watches the fight between Kyoko and Sayaka
  • Throws Sayaka´s soul gem away, killing her and revealing the evil secret of soul gems
  • Spends more time hunting witches with Sayaka and Kyubey
  • Hunts for Sayaka when she goes missing
  • Becomes a magical girl to save Homura from Walpurgisnacht

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