Noi! is an insert song from Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 3: The Rebellion Story. It was composed by Yuki Kajiura and written by Gekidan Inu Curry. The Suginami Junior Chorus provided the vocals.

Lyrics Edit

Wo ist eine lange Nadel?
Wo ist eine kurze Nadel?
Auf Widersehen bestrafungshügel.
Das fenster genau geschlossen?
Der schüssel genau befestigt?
Noi! zuerst gebe ich zwei,
Noi! diese zwei sinn statt deinen Tränen
Noi! Noi! fallen! Noi! Noi! Noi! springen!
Mit den letzten zwei versprechen!
Noi! Noi! fallen! Noi! Nein! Noi! springen!
Noi! Noi! fallen! Noi! Nein! Noi! springen! Nah

Where is a long needle?
Where is a short needle?
Goodbye, hill of punishment
Is the window precisely closed?
Is the key precisely attached?
"Noi" First I give you (these) two
"Noi" These two are instead of your tears
Yai yai falling
yai yai yai jumping
With the last two promises
Yai yai falling
yai yai yai jumping
Yai yai falling
yai yai yai jumping

Videos Edit

This song does not have an official video.

Track List Edit

Rebellion OST Edit

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