Not Yet (まだダメよ Mada Dame Yo?) is an insert song from Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 3: The Rebellion Story. It was composed by Yuki Kajiura and sung by FictionJunction ASUKA with lyrics by Inu Curry.

Lyrics Edit

Romaji Edit

Watashi wa asa no yume wo miru
Mada dame yo (No! Night)
Mada dame yo (No! Night)
Nani iro no asa ga kuru?
Mada dame yo (No? No!)
Mada dame yo (No? No! Night)
Mada yoru wa tabekake yo (No? Yes, no!)
Saa ohayou Nightmare
(Mada dame yo mada dame yo nani iro no)
Warui oyume wa korekkiri
(Warui oyume wa mada dame yo mada)

English Edit

I dream of the morning
It's not time yet (No! Night)
It's not time yet (No! Night)
What color will morning be? (No? Yes)
It's not time yet (No? No)
It's not time yet (No? No! Night)
The night is still only half-eaten (No! Yes, no!)
(Where is the child who slumbers?)
Now, good morning to you, Nightmare!
(Not yet, not yet, what color)
And the bad dreams will never come again
(Bad dream, not yet, not)

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