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Octavia von Seckendorff is the witch form of Sayaka Miki.

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Description Edit

Octavia is the mermaid witch, her nature is falling in love , she resides in the center of her barrier , which looks like a concert hall. Her familiars are known as Holger, they are shades who resemble musicians, together they form a phantom orchestra which constantly plays music for the witch.When a human listens long enough to their play then he or she will lose his/her soul.

Speculations Edit

The witch resembles a mermaid because Sayaka thought of herself as a new Little Mermaid, she sacrificed everything for the sake of her loved one but in the end she even lost the things she had before.

Abilities and attacks Edit

The witch's weapons are manifested wheels , which she can use to crash enemies. She also possesses a huge cutlass, similar to the one she had in her Puella Magi form. The witch seems to act peaceful she doesn't attack until an intruder disturbs the play of her familiars.


She appeared at the end of episode 8. and fought against Kyoko Sakura in episode 9. she was defeated when Kyoko used soul gem detonation against her, destroying herself and the witch as well.

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