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This is a timeline of events that occured involving Sayaka throughout the Series.

  • Meets Mami after Madoka runs to save Kyubey
  • Goes witch hunting and watches Mami kill Gertrud
  • Watches Charlotte kill Mami
  • Becomes a magical girl, in exchange for Kyousuke ´s well-being and recovery
  • Hunts a witch, loses track of it, and fights Kyoko
  • Fights Kyoko a second time, and is temporarily killed by her soul gem.
  • Mercilessly slaughters Elsa Maria , fueled by rage at being a soulless ¨Zombie¨
  • Meets with Kyoko at a location of her choice
  • Hunts more witches, and the curse grows inside her....
  • Becomes a witch when she hears a man cussing out his girlfriend, making her wonder what she is fighting to protect
  • Is killed by Kyoko´s soul gem detonation
  • Pronounced dead, to Madoka´s dismay

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