School Main Gate

Mitakihara Middle School is a futuristic school that appears to be influenced by a glass prison in Austria called Justice Center Leoben. It was the first establishment built in Mitakihara and was reconstructed many years later.


Roof Movie-0

The roof from the movie

The outside of the school, looking in from the main gate, shows many mirrors adorning the fence, as well as two shrubberies on either side of the gate. Behind, many trees can be seen, as well as the school that was well-endowed with many windows. The school also appears to have a skybridge that overlooks what is possibly the courtyard. The roof in the anime is very clean and white, and has short fencing on either side. In the movie, however, the roof resembles Renaissance architecture, which is astonishing compared to the rest of the school.


Madoka magica school classroom


The halls are empty and connect to all the classrooms. Though it's never seen, the school has a nurse's office. In the first episode, while traveling to the nurse's office, they stop at the skybridge. The bridge is very simular to the halls, however, it has black/grey sidings instead of the lighter tan that was shown to be accompanying the classrooms. This room also has many windows.The flooring is possibly a lighter shade from the rest of the hallways, but this could be a trick of shadowing.
Madoka magica school

Madoka's Classroom

The classrooms appear to be in smart glass domes, which was observed by Homura's seiyuu. This would allow the students to change out of their clothing for gym class without anyone from the outside seeing. The classroom has an electronic whiteboard, which has a screen that can slide if there is no more space to be written on.
Desk slot

Desk slot

Whenever a student is absent, the desk is retracted into a desk slot and the student name is placed. This could mean that the students have to move their desk into the slot at the end of the day, similar to how modern schools have their students place their chairs on their desk when school is over.

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