Puella in somnio (The girl in the dream) is an instrumental piece that was orginally use in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It was composed by Yuki Kajiura.

Lyrics Edit

This song does not have any lyrics.

Videos Edit

This song does not have an official video.

Track List Edit

OST 1 Edit

  1. Sis puella magica!
  2. Salve, terrae magicae
  3. Gradus prohibitus
  4. Credens justitiam
  5. Clementia
  6. Desiderium
  7. Conturbatio
  8. Postmeridie
  9. Puella in somnio
  10. Umbra nigra
  11. Terror adhaerens
  12. Scaena felix
  13. Pugna cum maga

Music Collection Disc 1Edit

  1. prelude to Act 1
  2. Scaena felix
  3. Postmeridie
  4. Conturbatio
  5. Puella in somnio
  6. Salve, terrae magicae
  7. Desiderium
  8. Gradus prohibitus
  9. Credens justitiam
  10. Sis puella magica!
  11. Inevitabilis
  12. Pugna cum maga
  13. Vocalise Op.34 no.14
  14. Umbra nigra
  15. Venari strigas
  16. Agmen clientum
  17. Signum malum
  18. Serena ira
  19. Incertus
  20. Ave Maria
  21. Decretum
  22. Anima mala
  23. See You Tomorrow
  24. and I'm home
  25. Connect -Game inst.-

Trivia Edit

  • Puella in somnio is widely regarded to be Homura Akemi's theme, as it usually plays whenever she is on screen.

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