Surgam identidem (I shall always rise) is a song originally used in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It was composed and written by Yuki Kajiura. Yuri Kasahara and Tokyo Konsei provided the vocals.

Lyrics Edit

konti amista areta
misto idete aroro
mar efi deso
ito korito

atari amista irmia
idia mortita
aria vi arma

amia adia lidio
iria fir asaro
iria karda

konti amista areta
misto idete aroro
mar efi deso
ito korito

Videos Edit

This song does not have an official video.

Track List Edit

OST 3 Edit

  1. Numquam vincar
  2. Quamobrem?
  3. Cor destructum
  4. Surgam identidem
  5. Confessio
  6. Sagitta luminis
  7. Nux Walpurgis
  8. Cubiculum album
  9. Taenia memoriae
  10. La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin
  11. Symposium magarum
  12. Pergo pugnare
  13. コネクト -ゲームインストー-

Music Collection Disc 2 Edit

  1. prelude to Act 2
  2. Amicae carae meae
  3. Clementia
  4. La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin
  5. Pugna infinita
  6. Confessio
  7. Cor destructum
  8. Terror adhaerens
  9. Symposium magarum
  10. Numquam vincar
  11. Quamobrem?
  12. Surgam identidem
  13. Nux Walpurgis
  14. Sagitta luminis
  15. Cubiculum album
  16. Taenia memoriae
  17. Pergo pugnare
  18. コネクト
  19. Magia
  20. Numquam vincar (Live ver.)

Trivia Edit

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