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Sister: Kaname Madoka, Dad: Kaname Tomohisha Mom: Kaname Junko

Tatsuya Kaname is Madoka Kaname's three year old younger brother.

Appearance Edit

Tatsuya is a very young child with short brown messy hair, he has brown eyes and wears a green hoodie with a pair of blue jeans and red socks.

Personality Edit

He is very cheerful and lively, unlike Madoka. In episode one he is seen playful hitting his mother screaming "Mama", attempting to wake her up. Later in that episode, Tatsuya is seen hitting a tomato with a fork, but manages to get it off his plate, which is soon caught by his mother.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Audio Commentary for Episode 12, Urobuchi explained that the reason Tatsuya knows about Madoka is because he can see her, much like an "imaginary friend". Sadly, when he grows up he won't be able to anymore.

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