the worst ending is a song that was used in Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 3: The Rebellion Story. It was sung by Hanae Tomaru. The composer and writer was Yuki Kajiura. The song is written in Kajiurago.

Lyrics Edit

Sonti aboisa estia maria ta estia mondia ensi astioso

Videos Edit

This song does not have an official video.

Track List Edit

Rebellion OST Edit

  1. once we were
  2. nightmare ballet
  3. Mada dame yo
  4. nice to meet you
  5. nothing special, but so special
  6. nightmare!!
  7. Holy Quintet
  8. one for all
  9. he is...
  10. the battle is over
  11. doubt
  12. something, everything is wrong
  13. raise the curtain
  14. never get there
  15. I remember
  16. face the truth
  17. doubt #2
  18. gonna fight with me
  19. absolute configuration
  20. her decision
  21. where is the truth
  22. pulling my own weight
  23. another episode
  24. wanna destroy?
  25. dream world
  26. never leave you alone
  27. this is the truth
  28. flame of despair
  29. now he is
  30. you are here
  31. experimentation
  32. Noi!
  33. the worst ending
  34. I cursed myself
  35. this is my despair
  36. theater of a witch
  37. we're here for you
  38. take your hands
  39. wings of relief
  40. I was waiting for this moment
  41. her new wings
  42. solve the riddle
  43. I think this world is precious
  44. happy ending
  45. not yet