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  • ChloeKnight

    I just noticed this while watching the "Cake Song" from the movie! I'm analyzing the verses. Sayaka:

    Sayaka is the raspberry. I couldn't find much information here, because I can't think of anything for the raspberry to represent.

    She says "the cake is red" which isn't really a subtle reference to anything, just Sayaka singing about Kyoko.


    Kyoko is the apple. I don't think of anything here either, though.

    She says "the cake loves Bebe", and Mami loves Bebe.


    This is where it gets interesting. Mami is the cheese. Does this sound familiar? Yes, the witch that ate Mami, Charlotte, loves cheese!! Wow, so that's why she was eaten.

    Then, she says the cake goes in circles. I think this is interesting, because Homura travels in time, infinitel…

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  • ChloeKnight

    Mine Is Sayaka!

    She has the most human feelings.

    She actually suffered, and had a love.

    Who's yours?

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