Toujou Nozomi is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is 17 years old and a third year in Otonokizaka High School. Nozomi was born on June 9. She has purple hair tied in two low twin-tails, and has turquoise eyes. Her theme color is purple. She is part of the sub-unit lily white.


Although Nozomi is not originally from the Kansai region, she speaks in a Kansai dialect after having lived there for a few years during her childhood. She is fluent in a few other languages as well, including English. She enjoys helping out at the local Kanda Shrine. Nozomi is Ayase Eli's best friend, and she has admitted to Kousaka Honoka that she has seen Eli's emotional (and embarrassing) side.

In Season 2 Episode 8 it is shown that since Nozomi and her family had moved around for most of her childhood, she was very shy and never really had any friends. She begins to break out of her shell after meeting Ayase Eli, even though she is still unable to bring herself to approach the rest until Honoka decides to form μ's.

Clubs and Hobbies

She likes spiritual things such as "power spots" and charms, though she is most well known for her fortune-telling which she uses as her secret method of quickly fitting in whenever she is forced to change environments. She also finds an interest in helping the other girls as much as possible. She was Otonokizaka High School's student council vice-president before Umi succeeded the position. It is also stated that she likes taking naps.

Other Data

Dengeki G's Magazine November 2010 - Nozomi's Diary:

Since it has come to this--- I knew it.

I have no choice but to ask God, right? God, Buddha, Mother Mary, Jesus, Inari Okami and the Immovable One--- Uhm, and also--- Eeeh, nooo! Jeez, each and every one of this world's divine powers, please hear me out. If you can hear this earnest prayer of mine--- please, please--- From here on out, grant ev~eeery single one of my wishes!! Ehehe---♡ Great, isn't it? This way of making wishes. I definitely recommend it to you too~♡ Maybe you won't be able to see how useful it is at first glance, but see, when it comes to emergencies, you will have lots of wishes--- You can't narrow them down to just one, right? I mean, see--- "God, please let our debut song be popular with everyone and be a big success--- Ah, and also, please let our PV sell really well and let our fans increase and let our school be really pumped up about this--- and, and and and, ah, also, if possible, let my personal fans increase lots and let me stand out and dance as the center--- and, and lastly, let the people who are interested in me be visited by bliss♡ And I just remembered--- j-just one more thing, please! Please let my lucky draw ticket win the campaign in the shopping district, and win a year's supply of cup yakisoba---" As I thought, maybe--- I'm a little bit greedy♡ If it's like this--- God will be troubled, right? That's why, rather than trying to decide on one wish from all of them, just wishing for all of my wishes to come true, even in crisis I can still change them, it's more beneficial than anything else! But, you know. Even someone like me--- has something I already decided in my heart♡ Someday, if I meet someone I like more than anyone else, at that time I'll--- "Grant all the wishes of the person I love!", that's something I'll pray for. I pray for my power to reach everyone again today too---

Vital Statistics

Studies: ★★

Reflexes: ★★★ Aggressiveness: ★★★ Conformity: ★★ Luck: Infinity

~μ's Member Q&A~

Have you been overseas before? Also, what are the overseas spiritual spots you would like to visit?[3]

Asked by HONHONさん from Kanagawa Prefecture

Uhm, if it's overseas power spots I would like to visit, I guess the number one would be Australia's Ayers Rock after all? I think it would be amazing to have a carefree lunch on top of the rocky mountain that's often called the Earth's belly button♡ How about it? Do you want to try going together? If so, after getting our spiritual power recharged by the sun above, let's go swimming with the sea turtles at the Great Barrier Reef! If we do that, we'll be sure to live for a long time♪

During this year's first shrine visit, the fortune I drew wasn't good orz[3] Asked by rule makerさん from Kanagawa Prefecture

Something like that is simple~! Just listen to lots of μ's songs, and sing along while dancing--- Come on, show some energy--- Is it working? Ahaha♡ Okay, during times when bad luck has accumulated, I think it would be good to cleanse your body properly. Do things like cleaning your room, or dispose of all the things you no longer use that have piled up--- Ah, it'll soon get warmer, so reorganizing your closet would be good too♡ And then, the finishing touch would be a good bath. Slowly take a bath that's slightly hotter than usual, and cleanse your body and heart--- See, face the mirror and take a look at your fresh face! Just laugh and fortune is sure to come your way~♡

What's your favorite portion of yakiniku? Mine is the calf![3] Asked by 森さん from Aichi Prefecture

Mine are the organs♡ I like the maruchou that's even crispier than the shimachou♪ And then there's the tongue and skirt steak--- Surprisingly, I also like pork ribs♡

If Nozomi-chan were to become a pro athlete, what sports would you like to take up?[3] Asked by まーりゃんさん from Hokkaido

A sumo wrestler♡ --- Of course, that's just a joke, but hmm--- I think being a baseball player seems fun. If I'm one, I don't have to always be running like a soccer player, and it would definitely feel great if I swing the bat and manage to hit a home run♪ If it's a more feminine sport, then being a pro bowler would be good too? I will win tons of prize money, and then eat all the sweets I want☆


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