We do our best to keep up-to-date with information on this wiki and welcome anyone who wishes to do the same. Please follow these simple rules if you wish to participate on this site. Any violations will be given a warning, but will eventually result in a ban if they persist. Please contact an active admin if you believe you have be wrongfully banned.

All current admins are: The Velvet Scarlatina and MimiWillRuleTheWorld.

Spoiler Policy

If what you are about to write contains spoilers about new content, please add the "Spoiler" template. This includes the finale of the Puella Magia Madoka Magica animated series, movies, and any recent events that a new fan would not yet know about.

Chat and Comments Rules

Please refrain from using heavy vulgar language, insults, and revealing spoilers about the series. The chat/comments will be kept under a close eye by an active admin or moderator and any violations will be either edited or deleted.

Wiki Editing Policy

When editing, please be sure to use correct grammar and spelling. Use only valid information from a creditable source, do not guess on something that hasn't been made official yet. If you want to add a page, please contact an active admin. Vandalism of any kind is not tolerated and the editor will receive a ban if it is committed.


Sock puppeting is the act of using multiple accounts at a time. We strictly forbid this kind of behavior and the person responsible will be banned.


If you believe a user should be promoted to a higher rank, please list the reasons why in the comment section, or message one of the admins privately. You may not vote for yourself or ask others to do so. Moderators and admins must have a confirmed account, be active, and follow the rules precisely. (meaning no bans) Any violations will tarnish your ability to become a Wikia helper.

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